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James Never Should Have Trusted Him…
James was new at the store. Harvey was an older employee, with a lot more experience. At the end of his first work week, Harvey suggested they go out for a drink to celebrate… but James had one too many, and before he knew it, Harvey had him spread eagle on the couch at his apartment, forcing his cock into every hole. James isn't gay… he fought and kicked, but could do nothing as Harvey violated him!

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His classmates forced him into gay sex…
Rich thought they were going back to the dorm to study, but his two classmates had a lot more than that in mind. They used the same old trick… get the guy back to their room, offer him a “special” soda, and then fuck him violently, striking fear into his heart so he will never rat them out. No matter how hard they force fucked his mouth, his ass… he never once screamed, not even as they covered his body in their hot cum…

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His virgin ass force fucked…
Rich was out at a club alone, trying to pick up a girl, but struck out. He didn't think anything of it when another guy there alone struck up a conversation, talking about how ‘stuck up' all the girls were at the club, and how he had struck out too. They had a few drinks, then a few more, and Rich got so loaded that his new ‘friend' offered to drive him home and help him stagger out of the car, but when they got to his apartment door, he forced his way in, punching Rich right in the face, then held him down and violated him! Rich may not have hooked up with some babe that night, but this guy fucked him like a woman, covering his face with cum… and Rich was powerless to fight back.

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Deep anal violation…
Hans and Karl met at the track. Both liked gambling, both liked to drink. It wasn't long before they made plans to get together, watch the game, and have a few beers. Hans was excited about his friendship with Karl, but apparently not as excited as Karl was about Hans and his clean-cut, blonde good looks. One afternoon, Karl sprung on him, his hands closing around Hans' throat as he tore off his pants and stuffed his cock deep in his ass… and it didn't stop there…

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Pete and Roger… forced sex threesome!
Pete and Roger are two guys that have been a couple for years with a taste for the dark side of sex. They were looking to spice up their love life, and decided to befriend a young man that works at a nearby bar. They acted straight, talked about sports and girls, but when it was closing time and he asked them to leave the bar so he could close up, they sprung on him! Pete loved watching Roger force fuck his mouth. Pete jerked off… then stuck his cock deep in his ass, enjoying his muffled screams as he choked on Roger's cock… and the laughed about it the whole time!

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