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Gay violation at gunpoint!
Tito and Kevin like to play it tough. They are small-time criminals, jacking people for money, rolling drunken idiots for their wallets, but one night all the drugs and booze got the best of them and they decided to kidnap some punk that had the nerve to fight them off. They stuck a gun to his head, took him back to a cheap hotel, and fucked his tight little ass and mouth while he begged for mercy, the gun cocked at his head the whole time…

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The teacher becomes the student…
These two young punks were always mouthing off in class to their teacher. Causing problems, starting fights with other students. When Mr. Mitchell asked them to stay after class to give them a ‘good talking to,' he got more than he bargained for. He found out just how bad these young college frat kids can be when they sucker punched him in the face and held him down, sodomizing him right there in his own office. He tried to scream for help, but they closed their hands around his throat, choking out his screams as they pounded his ass like a piece of meat. He'll never try to discipline them again…

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Drug dealers ‘collect' their pay…
Phil and Mark are small-time dope dealers, just trying to make enough to pay for “the little extras.” But, even the small-timers have to get tough, and when one customer couldn't come up with the money they owed, it was taken out of his ass… literally. They blindfolded him and force fucked him until they had their fill.

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A fight turns violent… and sexual.
Paul and Dave have been friends for a few months. Paul had always been a little ‘off,' with a band temper, and lately it seemed to be getting worse, but Dave never thought it would go this far. They got into a heated argument and Paul, always much stronger, pushed Dave down and stuck his hand down his pants, spitting right in his face, cursing at him. Dave tried to fight him off, but Paul overpowered him, and took his anger out with his cock! He forced Dave's mouth open, fucked his throat, then stuck his cock violently in his ass, spitting on it to get him nice and wet. Paul hatefucked Dave as he begged for mercy, shooting his cum deep inside…

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The delivery boy gets more than a ‘tip.'
Raul and Geoff are two gay men that aren't dating, but have a fun game they like to play with one another. Fun and violent… these guys give new meaning to ‘fuck buddy.' Tonight is the perfect example. They rented a cheap hotel room under fake names, ordered some food to be delivered from a local restaurant, and then gave the delivery guy a special tip… the tip of their cocks and more! They attacked him together, stripping off his clothes, fucking him in every hole, laughing as he cried. Then they took the food and left him there, violated and crying, his ass bleeding on the bed…

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